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Does your company need virtual training on how to turn ordinary sales people into extraordinary rainmakers?

Virtual Workshop Series

In a live web workshop series, we will work with a specific department or whole company to improve production, results, and a work/life balance.

Virtual Workshop Series

Virtual workshops are a great opportunity for a company or a group of individual sales people to participate in private, customized workshops, without leaving their offices. This format was developed to help improve continuity of training members, encourage focused participation and engagement, enhance opportunities for sharing challenges and solutions, conduct peer-to-peer feedback sessions, and solve major issues within the group and individually.  These elements are coupled with the ability to train the sales managers and salespeople at the same time. This program also allows companies to more accurately project training and continuing education budgets while reducing expenses usually spent on travel, meals, accommodations, and time spent away from the home and office. 

The virtual live workshops are offered privately to companies for their teams, and public workshops are available for individual sales people or managers.  The material covered has proven beneficial and is time-tested for rookies through experienced salespeople and managers.  This series is geared towards business-to-business commerce, and great for inside or outside salespeople.  

Each workshop series includes a weekly 3-hour session for a total of 13 virtual “live” workshops, one monthly virtual 1:1 coaching session for each participant. Each participant will receive a copy of the Growing Rainmakers book, an interactive workbook including systems, processes, strategies, sales methods, templates, customize sales tools, role practice activities, and unlimited access to online resources at Impact Sales Coach. These workshops are designed to communicate and practice the big picture explanation for your team’s future growth and development.  

Our workshop series is conducted for a minimum of 3 salespeople and managers with a maximum of 10 per group depending on your specific need.   Impact Sales Coach Workshops offer Managers, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals a fresh vision on growth strategies and tactics. 

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