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Growing Rainmakers

A Guide to Building a Great Sales Team That Thrives in the Modern Marketplace.

How do you turn ordinary sales people into extraordinary rainmakers? To build a great sales team, you first need a great sales coach. This book shows what a sales manager/coach needs to do to create rainmakers through an engaging story format. As the tale illustrates, the methodology of rainmaker coach Dave Wilens helps sales people engage with emotional honesty and enthusiasm with any client or prospect. Concise, direct, and highly impactful, Growing Rainmakers is a must-read for any sales manager, or anyone who manages a sales manager. The practical and insightful tools and take-aways contained in this quick, easy and thought-provoking read provide a concise and useable roadmap to turn sales people into successful rainmakers.

This Growing Rainmakers publication was made possible through preparation, publication, and promotion by Indie Books International®. Growing Rainmakers, takes a deep dive into the world of sales and sales management – highlighting as much of what to do, as what “not to do”. Click here for a sample chapter.

From the Author

“Everyone knows that no one gets paid until a sale is made. If sales aren’t being made, the company will inevitably fold. Just as the human body relies on the heart to pump blood throughout the body, companies rely on sales to keep revenue circulating throughout the business.

A friend and mentor of mine, Jack Daly, says; “There are three sins a company makes with the position of sales management; 1) The CEO is the sales manager 2) Promote the best salesperson to be the sales manager 3) Require the sales manager to also carry a book of business.” I have seen all three of these scenarios multiple times in a variety of industries and it has caused many failures.

In the years I have been working with companies of all different sizes, I have uncovered another common thread: Sales managers are rarely trained or prepared to do their job. To this day I continue to be surprised and perplexed by this reality. Since sales are a vital element of any successful business how could such an important position like sales management be left to chance? I have noted that many business owners don’t consider the position of sales manager as a “key position” and this is a major error.”  

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