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Do you need help growing an underperforming sales team?

Sales Coaching & Consulting

Coaching a company as a whole to grow top-line revenue and gross profits for companies.

On-site/In-House Sales Coach/Consultant

Impact Sales Coach will join you and your team for a contracted period of 6 to 24 months to help discover the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing your sales department through “live” coaching.  On-site coaching will help create systems and processes where needed for sales and management – including prospecting and customer relationship management, performance plans with monitoring and reviews, best sales standards and  strategic territory standards, and improving communication and conversational skills, develop relationships, improve presentation skills.  Coaching is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your team and for the growth of your company by focusing on building incremental improvements over time rather than trying to “train” your sales team with so-called quick fixes that are quickly forgotten. Whether our team joins you for just 6 months or 2 years, we guarantee we can help you grow a world class sales organization


Our coaches will be in your location at your facility, working in the field, or wherever they are most needed to coach and mentor your staff.  Impact Sales Coach offers either a 1-day, 2-days or more monthly programs where the coach is face-to-face with your people along with various virtual support options.  From what you say to how you say it, or from qualifying leads to final negotiations, the coach will improve revenue by Growing Rainmakers.


While there is not a set “number” of people that we can serve per month while on-site, working with the sales managers is recommended as the best approach to help them grow into “rainmaker” sales managers/coaches to lead their team.  It depends on the needs of the company and their vision for the sales team. This could include coaching for teams from entry level sales to sales managers to key executives.


Full days are spent working directly with the individual managers, sales representatives, sales leaders, or in group settings.  Our initial focus will determine our course of action moving forward.  This is done though our extensive discovery process that provides us with an understanding of your past successes and failures, as well as your current challenges and goals.  Once we connect this information to your highest value needs, we will create a strategy to reach your objective.


On-site “in the business” coaching includes workshops and off-site fieldwork. All back-office systems and processes creation and administration, phone calls, Coffee with Coach virtual calls, and emails as needed to fulfill monthly targets in order to meet the goals as agreed upon in the coaching agreement.

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