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Do you have skills, strategies, and tactics for achieving the next level of success but need help to accomplish it while still maintaining a work/life balance? 


In a live web round-table discussion series, we work on topics like new business development, negotiating deals, increasing profitability, strategic territory game plans, controlling the customer conversation, what you want from life, accountability and more. 

Virtual Mastermind Course

The Impact Sales Coach mastermind course is an amazing way to learn and grow. You will get coaching from our experts, while also participating in a small group of likeminded individuals that will raise the bar by helping to challenge you and help you meet your goals by increasing sales, improving relationship skills, and becoming a leader in your industry. This virtual format was developed to encourage focused participation and engagement, enhance the opportunity to share challenges and solutions, and openly share expertise and results in the sales profession. You will enjoy a network of successful people in peer-to-peer feedback sessions and solve issues within the group learning from other participants’ proven strategies and successes. These elements coupled with an open-mind and willingness to learn from what’s already been proven.  

The virtual live sessions are offered to sales and business development professionals who will participate in roundtable discussions facilitated by a seasoned sales coach.  Each session will be dedicated to a group in similar positions and will explore different subject matter that has been designed to give you the essentials you need to reach the next level of your career. 

Each mastermind series is 6 weekly 90-minute “live” sessions, one virtual 1:1 coaching session on goal setting and one on personal marketing with one of our coaches, and a signed copy of Dave Wilens’ Growing Rainmakers book. 

Our mastermind series is conducted for up to 6 people per group who want to make a difference in their lives, and are looking to grow and meet their annual goals. 

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