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Becoming a Rainmaker Mastermind

Series One


The course you have been waiting for...

A series of virtual meetings with sales professionals from different, non-competing industries, inspired and led by the Impact Sales Coach team. 

This mastermind is perfect for you if...

  • You're tired of not meeting your goals

  • You want to work smarter and make more money

  • You wish you were more advanced in your career

  • You believe there is another level of performance you are capable of achieving

  • You are ready to take your career to the next level

  • You want the best practices to obtain and qualify leads

Why this mastermind?


You will get one on one coaching from our experts, while also participating in a small group of likeminded individuals that will raise the bar by helping to challenge you and help you meet your goals. These other members will help you here and in the future be a resource for brainstorming, support, and create an environment of honesty and understanding. We will work on topics like new business development, negotiating deals, increasing profitability, strategic territory game plans, and more. One of the biggest benefits is that you will develop clarity in everything from how you sell, to who your target customer is, and what hidden opportunities exist. 

What is a Rainmaker? 


People who generate significant income for a business or organization by attracting clients or customers. A rainmaker is a good salesperson, but a good salesperson isn’t necessarily a good rainmaker. A good sales person simply makes sales, fulfilling the clients’ basic needs. A rainmaker establishes deep meaningful relationships with prospects and clients by asking expert questions, listening, and using their expertise to solve the client’s problems and needs. This allows them to access revenue streams and make sales as if by magic.  

Why Impact Sales Coach and Coach Dave?

Impact Sales Coach brings over 35 years of sales experience and expertise to the table. While most courses don't include one-on-one coaching, here at ISC we believe that a course like this should include personal coaching. Through our personalized mentoring program, you will be able to implement the techniques and tactics successfully that will get you to the next level in your sales career. 


Coach Dave believes that people do business with people. Therefore, the job of a salesperson is to develop a relationship with clients, one that is built on trust and caring. “Putting the customer’s needs to achieve success above the salesperson’s need to make a sale. This is the value a sales professional brings to an organization and that’s the value that drives a coach to grow rainmakers.” 

Coach Dave - sales coaching training

What you'll learn in the Series One intensive...

Module One: Today’s Sales Process – How has it changed?

Module Two: Framework for Developing New Business

Module Three: Discovering the Customer’s Motivation

Module Four: Building Your Sales Playbook, Part One

Module Five: Building Your Sales Playbook, Part Two

Module Six: Delivering the Winning Pitch

We want to give you more! Bonuses just for you.

One-on-One Session

on Personal Marketing

with ISC Coach

One Hour Session one-on-one with a member of our team. Learn to navigate and use social media and other tools on territory management and pre-call preparation.

One-on-One Session

on Goal Setting

with ISC Coach

Coaching to help establish clear and precise goals, how to measure and track your progress, and turn your dreams into reality.

Your Own Copy of Growing Rainmakers

A guide to building a great sales team that thrives in the modern marketplace. The “method to the magic”. 

And 10 great sales tools and templates that can be
customized to fit your business.

One-on-One Session

for a Pre-Call Preparation

with ISC Coach

Coaching to help create a pre-call plan to effectively prepare you for one of your actual customer interactions.

Early Access to the Growing a Rainmaker Mastermind 

Series Two

Coming soon...



13 weekly sessions where you'll learn...

How to implement the best practices of the greatest sales professionals in today’s modern marketplace.  

How to improve your sales performance significantly by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share some of the same goals and challenges as you.

And you will acquire the understanding that

Attitude + Skills + Activities = SUCCESS and when you succeed in these 3 keys areas, you will become not just a Sales Superstar but a Rainmaker.

The Details


Up to 6 motivated sales people that want to become true sales professionals. Individuals that are willing to work hard, share their knowledge with others, and who want to make a difference in their lives and careers. 


  • September 15 through December 15

  • Every Wednesday morning for 13 weeks

    • Alternating sessions ​

      • Odd Weeks: Module Introduction and Application​

      • Even Weeks: Participant Discussion Roundtable 

  • 9:30 am to 10:30 am PST

The Value

  • 6 interactive modules on becoming a rainmaker, making yourself a better salesperson.Valued at $1,770

  • One-on-One session on Personal Marketing with an ISC Coach.Valued at $195

  • One-on-One session on Goal Setting with an ISC Coach. Valued at $295

  • One-on-One session on Pre-Call Prep with an ISC Coach. Values at $295

  • Your personal, signed copy of Growing Rainmakers.Valued at $20

  • Access to 10 great sales tools and templates that can be customized to fit your business.  Valued at $100

  • Early Access to Series Two Mastermind coming soon...

Anchor 1


Valued at $2,695, but your investment: 

One-Time Payment of $1,195


3 Monthly Payments of $425

Limited to 6 Spots

Please fill out this form so we can get to know you a little better and make sure this course is the best fit for you. Once you fill out the form we'll contact you as soon as possible to set up a payment option and get you on the list!

If you have any issues with the form or have questions, please email us at

Applications closed September 8, 2021.

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