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About Us

Impact Sales Coach provides hands on coaching backed by OVER 35 years of sales experience. Coach Dave and his team have founded, built, and sold 6 companies. They have coached over 40 organizations to successfully implement processes and standards. Their team has helped create hundreds of rainmakers, shaking up the sales world today. Working with Impact Sales Coach gives businesses of all kinds the tools to thrive in today's competitive marketplace. We help put the human element back in sales. 

You can also read more about our commitment to support our community here. And what actions our team took in 2020 to make this commitment a reality with this actions took document here


Dave Wilens


Dave is an author, speaker, advisor, and coach. He is focused on revenue growth, succession planning and individual happiness. His passion is to help bridge the generational gaps in today’s businesses, grow rainmakers and build world class sales teams. Coach Dave’s “method to the magic” begins with setting goals and ends in successful goal achievement. His ultimate goal is for his clients to feel their life has been enriched through Impact Sales Coach.


He believes that people do business with people. Therefore, the job of a sales person is to develop a relationship with clients, one that is built on trust and caring. Putting the customer’s need to achieve success above the salesperson’s need to make a sale. This is the value a sales professional brings to an organization and that’s the value that drives a coach to grow rainmakers.


In 2019 Dave released a new book, “GROWING RAINMAKERS: A guide to building a Great Sales Team that thrives in the Modern Marketplace.” In the 20 years since he and his wife, Kathleen, started Impact Sales Coach, to date they have successfully worked with 53 companies, representing 29 various industries, from 4 different countries on 2 continents, and have helped hundreds of individual managers, business leaders and sales professionals.


Outside of work, Dave can often be seen driving his golf cart around the course, working on his game. He enjoys performing and listening to music, loves to see his children create their own history, and is looking forward to spending time traveling the world with his wife of 36 years when they retire.


Kathleen Wilens


Kathy works as a coach, organizational specialist, and workshop facilitator to help business owners discover and analyze challenges that may be hindering progress in the administrative or support aspects of their business.  She helps guide clients through the necessary steps to work through and develop their own unique systems and processes that work for the company as a whole.  Ultimately, Kathy’s goal is to provide clients with a better understanding of how their employees can work together as a team to plan and implement changes through work practices and office environment behaviors by gaining greater self-awareness and a better culture overall.


She believes that everyone deserves a chance to be able to prove their capabilities.  Success is earned through hard work, persistence, and determination.  And always follow the golden rule of treating others how you want to be treated.


Kathy has owned 3 companies with her husband, Dave, working together to build prosperous businesses using the tools, systems and processes they teach.  She has used her skills as a business owner and volunteer on over 10 nonprofit boards to help further each one’s mission and build successful foundations through fundraising and community involvement.  


When she isn’t working, Kathy loves spending time with her incredibly talented children, walking or bicycling, reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and traveling with her husband.

We are proud members of the following organizations. 


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