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Dave Wilens is in the business of Growing Rainmakers and coaching best practices to impact top line revenue.

He has been a guest on Exit Coach Radio several times discussing some of the day-to-day sales systems and processes that need to happen to build a successful sales team filled with rainmakers that can take your company to its next level of success.  As a leadership coach, he also has a passion for helping identify strategies for business owners who need to create an exit plan, whether it is for selling their business, turning over the reins to someone else, or retirement.  

In these insightful interviews, he answers relevant questions regarding best practices to impact top line revenue, how to grow rainmakers to build a world-class sales team, and how to create a plan to make significant changes to their company.  He also answers questions we keep asking ourselves as business owners: 

How do you identify, recruit and hire the right people for the right job?

Beyond product knowledge, what type of ongoing education and training are required to grow rainmakers?

What is the method to the magic in sales or sales management?

When is the right time to make changes to invest in your sales teams, especially when there are worldwide events affecting every business? 

How long does it take to make significant changes in your company's sales?

Some of these questions and more are discussed and answered in the Exit Coach Radio episodes found on this page. 

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Coach Dave talks with Bill Black on his radio show where Black interviews Advisors, Authors & Speakers for their Tips, Ideas and Precautions on a wide variety of topics. 


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