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Impact Sales Coach

Virtual Workshop Series


The course your team needs...

to turn ordinary sales people into extraordinary rainmakers.


This series is perfect for your team if:

  • Your sales systems don’t successfully qualify enough good leads 

  • You need a better sales method to implement and follow

  • You need to open more opportunities and improve your closing ratio

  • You want to create your own custom sales playbook, focused on a strategic plan that develops new business and grows existing accounts   

  • You would benefit from mastering the top five key characteristics defining a world-class sales experience 

  • You want to differentiate yourself by learning how to deliver insight and value to your clients, not sales pitches


Why this workshop series?


In three short months, you will learn how to put the human element back into sales.  The presentation style used is interactive, intuitive and provides complete actionable goals with measurable results. We offer customized private and semi-private workshops to train sales professionals and managers.  

What is a Rainmaker? 


People who generate significant income for a business or organization by attracting clients or customers. A rainmaker is a good salesperson, but a good salesperson isn’t necessarily a rainmaker. A good salesperson simply “makes sales” fulfilling the clients’ basic needs.  A rainmaker establishes deep meaningful relationships with prospects and clients by asking expert questions, listening, and using their expertise to solve the clients’ problems and needs.  This allows them to access revenue streams, and make sales as if by magic.

Why Impact Sales Coach and Coach Dave?

Impact Sales Coach brings over 35 years of sales experience and expertise to the table. While most courses don't include one-on-one coaching, here at ISC we believe that a course like this should include personal coaching. Through our personalized mentoring program you will be able to implement the techniques and tactics successfully that will get you to the next level in your sales career. 


Coach Dave believes that people do business with people. Therefore, the job of a salesperson is to develop a relationship with clients, one that is built on trust and caring. “Putting the customer’s needs to achieve success above the salesperson’s need to make a sale. This is the value a sales professional brings to an organization and that’s the value that drives a coach to grow rainmakers.” 

Coach Dave

What you'll learn over this series...

Module One: How to Differentiate Yourself from the Competition

Module Two: Lead Generation & Qualification

Module Three: Concepts and Principles of Impact Selling

Module Four: Using a CRM to Make Money

Module Five: Selling Methods & Models

Module Six: Negotiations - Decision Making Styles

Module Seven: Discovering and Closing Opportunities

Module Eight: Creating a Question Guide

Module Nine: Building an Objection Guide

Module Ten: Pre-Call Preparation

Module Eleven: Professional Role Practice

Module Twelve: Strategic Plan-Hunting for New Business

Module Thirteen: Strategic Plan-Farming to Increase Existing Customer Sales

We want to give you more! Bonuses just for you.

The ISC Playbook to

Your Best Sales

This 70-page workbook will be your go-to reference guide for your sales or sales management career. 

One-on-One Coaching

with Coach Dave

A one-hour session, once a month, for 3 months. This coaching will provide creative solutions that will help you succeed in growing your sales revenue while guiding you to enjoy a better work/life balance.  

Your Own Copy of Growing Rainmakers and the Ten Book Resources

A guide to building a great sales team that thrives in the modern marketplace. The “method to the magic”


3 Month Intensive Virtual Course
13 weekly courses you will learn ...


The attitude, skills and activities necessary to turn you from a salesperson to an extraordinary rainmaker.

How to put the human element into your sales so you can take control of the customer conversation, build trust and become a trusted advisor.  

How to be better prepared to offer more value than most competitors you sell against.

The Details


A minimum of 3 and up to 10 motivated sales professionals or managers who want to make a difference in their lives, company, and careers. We are interested in those salespeople that are looking to grow and exceed their goals 

The Value

  • 13 weekly 3-hour courses across 3 months focused on Sales and Business Development.Valued at $6,435/person.

  • Three monthly, one hour, 1:1 virtual coaching calls with Coach Dave.Valued at $585/person.

  • The ISC Rainmaker Playbook.  Valued at $100/copy.

  • Your personal, signed copy of Growing Rainmakers.Valued at $20/copy.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 10.47.22


Valued at $7,535 per person , but your investment: 

1 Time Payment of $2,195 per person


3 Monthly Payments of $795 per person

That's a savings of $5,000+ per person

I'm interested in this course for my team!

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